Рубрика: Ուսումնական ամառ 2021

“My educational summer” 2021

The educational summer is summed up by the English speakers from Mkhitar Sebastatsi.

During the summer holidays, our students worked on online exercises.
They made short videos of their daily life. They published short stories in blogs.

A letter from Aram Khumalyan.

Summer holidays is my favourite time of the year.It gives me a chance to relax and explore new things.

This summer,i visited Aghveran,DIlijan and Tsaxkadzor.There we spent a very good time.I had many new friends,we were playing different games and swimming in the pool. Wr ride a bicycle and play a lot of funny games.

We got very pleasant feelings there and we had a lot of fun with my family during this summer.

A letter from Grigor Abrahamyan

Dear Mrs. Nare,

Hope you had a lovely summer like I did.

I had a calm , relaxing summer.

We went to a lovely resort where we had so much fun , swimming, playing…

We had guests coming over to our house and visited together tome touristic places.

The days when my mom and dad had to work we were at home, I played with my PS4 and some days I went to play football in the neighborhood playground.

Over all it was a good summer.

The list of student’s blogs

Henrik Karapetyan — 5th grade.
Mikayel Sadoyan — 2th grade
David Sahakyan — 5th grade

Edgar Khumashyan -5th grade

Alen Harutyunyan — 5th grade

Eva Papyan- 4th grade

Alen Harutunyan- 5th grade

Vagharshak Hayrapetyan- 2nd grade

Vagharshak Hayrapetyan

The list is being edited.

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