Рубрика: Без рубрики, Մեր առօրյան, Նախագծեր

Երևան քաղաքի արձաններն ու քանդակները, ամփոփում

Statues and sculptures of Yerevan

During our project with students of the 4th grate of northern school we had a walk from Baghramyan street to Opera and ballet theatre building.
Our first stop was near the statue of Baghramyan on Baghramyan avenue, where students had an opportunity to see the statue that they previously studied on the internet.
Some of them noticed that they had passed by the statue many times but it didn’t attract their attention.
The next stop was in the Lovers’ park of the city where we saw the statues of “Union of love” and “Armenuhi”.
We so had a walk to Cascade complex and during our walk we had a discussion about modern art in sculptures and statues. Also we had a stop near Alexandr Tamanyans statue and tell a little about the story of our city.
The last stop was near Opera and ballet Theatre.

Now, you can enjoy a short video made by our travellers.

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